Re: form bean and session attribute

Lew <>
Sun, 03 May 2009 23:21:28 -0400
Thufir Hawat wrote:

My question is how to best get the bean from the view (JSP) to the
controller (servlet), other than what I currently have, though, rather
then the inverse (bean from servlet to JSP) which you seem to propose.

I answered that question, but I'll try a different way to explain it.

When you send a form to the server, you pass the parameters from that form via
the parameters in the request. You cannot put parameters directly into a
"form bean" until they reach the server. That is what the crappy web site's
example you started with did, and it's what the good examples from Marty Hall
do. There is no "form bean" on the client side, so what you are describing is
not possible. Sorry. The thing doesn't exist.

What you can do is transfer request parameters into a bean on the server side.
  That's what the crappy example did, and it's what I recommended upthread.
The difference is that the crappy example uses a JSP to do that logic, which
is not a best practice. I recommend that you use a .java-sourced servlet to
do that, in the way that Marty Hall and other writers describe.


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