Re: dll creation from java source

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On 30-06-2010 21:12, Arne Vajh?j wrote:

On 29-06-2010 18:58, Mac wrote:

On Jun 28, 7:18 pm, Arne Vajh?j<> wrote:

On 28-06-2010 21:15, Arne Vajh?j wrote:

On 28-06-2010 20:52, Mac wrote:

Am afraid I already know the answer to this, but...: am interested in
compiling a set of java classes into .dll form to be later accessed
from MS' VBA. I realize this is likely making life much harder than
it needs to, but my deployment options are extremely limited, and
having an "externally" running application outside the IT-approved
norm (vs something "trusted"/"internal" like Excel) is currently a no-

Is there any way to bridge the gap and allow this accessibility?

10-12 years ago several product existed that could expose
a Java bean as a COM object.

If you can still find one of those then you can use it.



 > Thanks all. Arne, it appears that at least the option
 > suffers from similar limitations as J#. The packager referenced
 > appears to only be a part of JDK 1.2, which I'm assuming translates to
 > a lack of support for anything more recent. Haven't yet examined the
 > other option, but the expense makes that a tough one to swallow. Will
 > probably give it a go though, just to see if the functionality is
 > really there.

Those two were just examples on what can be found.

With a little bit of luck more exist.



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