Re: EJB - magic quotes and encoding problem

Lew <>
Thu, 5 Aug 2010 12:32:18 -0700 (PDT)
pmz wrote:

As most of recent viewers know I'm playing around the EJB and I have
found two big problems.
First problem is quoting output of beans inside JSP, an example:

I load data in servlet:


<input type="text" name="userFullName" value="$
{cupUser.userFullName}" />

Those lines are from two separate artifacts, a Java source file (POJO)
and a JSP, right?

returns into:

<input type="text" name="userFullName" value="My Stupid "Very" Stup=


Value" />

That's a problem, where I'm not sure whether changing " into ' in
<input/> is a good solution.
How do I fix it?

What's wrong with using single quotes in the attribute?

Otherwise I think you just have to escape the quotes. I'm sure
there's also some other solution I haven't learned yet.

Second problem is encoding. Each page is attached with UTF-8 encoding
tags, database encoding is utf8_default, JSP pages/servlets printout
data perfectly, but when I update data in database (via EJB):

Log says:
FINE: UPDATE cup_user SET User_Contact = ?, User_FullName = ? WHERE
(ID = ?)
        bind => [????????=C4???=C4?????=C4?????????=C4?, Bartek=

 , 5]

FINER: TX afterCompletion callback, status=COMMITTED

(I don't think that the perfect way to store data ;)

And output obviously is damaged with shitchars.


Where shall I look for encoding configuration? web.xml?
persistance.xml [sic]? Resource configuration?

100% sure that database (client & server) are configured ok (with

Are you sure that display of the log isn't just an artifact of how
you're displaying it? If you look at the log with, say, a hex dump,
do the hex characters match what the encoded values should look like?


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