Re: Apache JDBC utils

Lew <>
Wed, 2 May 2012 14:22:59 -0700 (PDT)
Jan Burse wrote:

*NO* reflection API was used at all, *NO* injection
pattern was used, also no penguins where harmed. The
framework consists of what would one call XDoclet today.

But instead of XDoclet I use JSP to generate via
its output the Java code for the XXXBeans. The
input are some property files and the JDBC access
to the meta data of the already existing DB.

+--------+ +-------------+
| DB | | .properties |
+--------+ +-------------+
     | |
     ------ -----
          | |
          v v
         | JSP |
        | XXXBean |

Some part of the framework deals with invoking JSP
without browser attention in kind of batch mode. But
using JSP to generate Java code is straight forward.
Check out genbean.jsp, it starts with:

public class <%=table%>Bean extends util.bean.BeanUtil {
   private util.bean.ColumnDescriptor[] columndescriptors;

And as you might expect it can generate Java code and
place what table has a value in front of Bean. Or something
more elaborate:

   generator.bean.Column col=new generator.bean.Column();
   while ( {
%> private <%=col.getType()%> <%=col.getName()%>=<%=col.getNullConst()%>;

The above iterates through the columns of the given table,
and the generates variable declarations.

Scriptlet in JSP is an antipattern.


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