Re: accessing subclasse methods and fields with introspection / reflection

"Remi Arntzen" <>
2 Aug 2006 11:32:57 -0700
Samy wrote:

Hi everyone,

Now I would like to have a A.listMyMethods() which would return all the
processA, processB, processC and processD (since they are all abstract
except D meaning that an instance of my classes would could not be something
else than D)

I took a quick look at the java.lang.Class documentation and couldn't
find a way to find a way to determin it's subclasses.

From my tests, when I instanciate a D object and invoke a
myDObject.getClass().getMethods() I have what I want. But what I really
would want is to call myDObject.listMyMethods(). So that the object itself
would tell me it's methods.

blah, k);

where k = new InvocationHandler() {
        Object invoke(Object proxy, Method method, Object[] args)
throws Throwable {
            if (method.getName() == "listMyMethods") {
                return proxy.getClass().getMethods();
            } else {
                return method.invoke(proxy, args);

pragmatically override any method. muhahahaaaa!
also note that I haven't actually used this method in a while, so my
understanding of it might not be completely accurate/(work at all).

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