Resourcebundle and a property file in /etc directory

21 Aug 2006 01:27:29 -0700
I have a property file in the /etc directory ...

I want to load that property file, so I made a custom ClassLoader class


package ntc.paim.web;


public class CustomClassLoader extends ClassLoader {
    protected URL findResource ( String name ) {
        File f = new File(name);
        try {
            return f.toURL();
        catch (MalformedURLException meu) {

        return super.findResource(name);

When I want to load the bundle:

        try {
            settings =
ResourceBundle.getBundle("/etc/paim/", new
Locale("BE"), new CustomClassLoader());
            driver = settings.getString("DRIVER");
            url = settings.getString("URL");
            user = settings.getString("USER");
            password = settings.getString("PASSWORD");
        catch(Exception e)

But I get a MissingResourceBundle exception ... What am I doing wrong?

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