Re: Setting up a classpath only for junit test.

markspace <>
Fri, 04 Dec 2009 07:57:08 -0800
michau wrote:

I'm testing a method which uses the following statement:

When testing resource loading, sometimes I just create the resource on
the fly in my tests, and pass the name of the resource in. E.g.:

       String classname = getClass().getSimpleName();
       String rsrcName = classname.replace( ".", "/" ).concat( ".class");
       URL rsrc = getClass().getResource( rsrcName );
       if( "file".equals( rsrc.getProtocol() ) ) {
          File f = new File( rsrc.getFile() );
          String btest = "b-test";
          File bfile = new File( f.getParent(), btest );
          String expResult = "";
          String result = StringUtils.readUtf8Resource( getClass(),
                   btest );
          assertEquals( expResult, result );
.... more tests
       } else {
          fail( "Could not create file to test with." );

Here I'm putting the resource in the unit test directory (getClass() is
being called in the context of the unit test itself). But you could do
something like this to add test files to a different .class tree too.

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