Re: JDBC-ODBC connectivity

"aMBREEn..." <>
18 Oct 2006 07:38:44 -0700
thank u so much for ur reply
i m using MS access database
can u plz tell me the correct URL???
what is the correct ODBC library for the database?????

steve wrote:

On Tue, 17 Oct 2006 18:15:54 +0800, wrote
(in article <>):


i m facing problem in running tht code
i also followed these stpes in order to connnect java with access

control panel->administrative tool->data sources

ODBC ->from user data sources select MS access data

base-> from the driver list select Driver to database

Access(*.mdb)->Finish ->data source name =employee

(database name)->click on select button from there i

select the database and the path will appear infront

of database->ok->ok

but still the connection was not establishing

code is L

import java.applet.*;
import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;
import java.sql.*;
import javax.swing.*;

public class app_next extends Applet implements ActionListener {

    private String url,userid,pass;
    private Connection connect;
    private TextArea output;

    private Panel labelPanel, fieldsPanel,buttonPanel;
    private String labels[] ={"Employee number:","Employee
name:","Salary:","department no:","Manager:", "Job:" , "Hire date:" ,
"Comm:" ,"Department name","Location"};

     TextField txtempno, txtename, txtsal, txtdeptno,txtmgr, txtjob,
txthiredate, txtcomm,txtdname,txtloc;

    Button insert,delete,update,clear,find,help;

    public void init ()
      //Label Panel
      labelPanel = new Panel ();
      labelPanel.setLayout (new GridLayout (labels.length, 1));

      for (int i = 0; i< labels.length; i ++)
        labelPanel.add (new Label (labels [i], 0) );

      //TextField panel
      fieldsPanel = new Panel ();
      fieldsPanel.setLayout (new GridLayout (labels.length, 2) );

      txtempno = new TextField (4);
     // txtempno.setEditable (false);

      txtename = new TextField (10);

      txtsal = new TextField (2);

      txtdeptno = new TextField (1);

     txtmgr = new TextField (1);

      txtjob = new TextField (7);

      txthiredate = new TextField (4);

      txtcomm = new TextField (2);

   txtdname = new TextField (1);

      txtloc = new TextField (5);

      buttonPanel = new Panel ();
      buttonPanel.setLayout (new GridLayout () );

      insert=new Button("Insert");
    // insert.setMnemonic('i');

      delete=new Button("Delete");

      update=new Button("Update");

      find=new Button("Find");

      clear=new Button("Clear");

   help=new Button("help");

      this.setLayout (new BorderLayout () );
      add ("West",labelPanel);
      add ("Center",fieldsPanel);
      add ("South",buttonPanel);

    try {
        url = "jdbc:odbc:employee";
        Class.forName ("sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver");
        connect = DriverManager.getConnection (url,userid,pass);
        output.append ("connection successful\n");
      catch (ClassNotFoundException cnfx){
            // process ClassNotFoundExceptions here
        cnfx.printStackTrace ();
        output.append("Connection unsuccessful\n" + cnfx.toString());
      catch (SQLException sqlex){
        // process SQLExceptions here
        output.append("Connection unsucessful\n"+sqlex.toString ());

      catch (Exception ex) {
        // process remaining Exception here


    public void actionPerformed (ActionEvent e){

            JOptionPane.showMessageDialog("Click Find to locate a record...");



can any one help me :)

1. you do not need to setup data-sources,, JDBC does not use that crap.
2. you need to use the correct ODBC library for your database. (what database
are you using)
3. your URL is WRONG!!


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