Re: Java Reflection question

10 Apr 2007 10:36:11 -0700

Things to think about:

What classloader should load the superclass ?

If that is one of your custom classloaders, is it looking in the right place ?

If that is not the same as the classloader which loads "SubClass", is the
intended classloader set as the parent of the custom classloader ?

What are the package names of the various classes ? Does your classloader know
how to map package names onto directory names ?

Hey Thanks!

it is a customized class loader. The file to be loaded(
is in a directory (subdir). class SubClass extends class 'SuperClass'
also defined in

something like this:

class SuperClass {

    public int cadence;
    public int gear;
    public int speed=7;

    public SuperClass(int startCadence, int startSpeed, int startGear)
        gear = startGear;
        cadence = startCadence;
        speed = startSpeed;


public class SubClass extends SuperClass {

    public int seatHeight;

    public SubClass(int startHeight, int startCadence, int startSpeed,
int startGear) {
        super(startCadence, startSpeed, startGear);
        seatHeight = startHeight;

    public void disp() {
        System.out.println(" Speed : " + speed);


i get the NoClassDefFoundError for SuperClass. If however, I remove
the inheritance(SuperClass) and just keep the SubClass, The loader
works fine.Do I have to separately load the SuperClass as well?

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