Re: Create single Database connection

 "Chintan(Neo)" <>
Thu, 18 Oct 2007 00:20:07 -0700

Even i agree that using a single connection is not a good approach as
any method which uses it can cuddle with it and it can create problems
for other classes/methods using the same connection... But still if u
wanna use it, u can use a singleton approach... The connection class
will be like this.. THis is not the full class... all methods which
connects to the database will come in that class...

public class MyConnection {
    /** The conn. Connection for Database.*/
    private Connection conn = null;
    private static MyConnection myConnection= null;

    private MyConnection(){
        try {
            // Loads the Class
            String url = "url";
            String username = "username";
            String password = "password";
            conn = DriverManager.getConnection(url, username, password);
        catch (ClassNotFoundException e) {
        catch (SQLException e) {

    public static MyConnection getConnection(){
        if(myConnection == null){
            myConnection = new MyConnection();
        return myConnection;

and in any method, u want to use the database connection, just create
an object of MyConnection and call its methods to use the database
with the same connection. though i still not recommend this...

On Oct 18, 6:36 am, wrote:

I would like to create a single Database connection point that I can
use for 4 classes in my Java Web Application.

Here is my ConnectionManager Class:

public class ConnectionManager {
    private static Connection activeConnection = null;
    public static Connection getConnection() {
        if (activeConnection = null) {
            activeConnection =
"scott", "tiger");
        return activeConnection;


Now how would I access this in each one of my classes?

For example here is one:

public class MainClass

public ConnectionManager.getConnection(),
public Connection connection;

//I tried my db connection as this and it didnt return any results
public MainClass(connection)
     this.connection = ConnectionManager.getConnection();


public int matcher(BeanClass abc)
         new OtherDbClass(connection).insertDbMethod(abc);
     catch(Exception e)
        //closing statements here

OtherClass looks like this:
public class OtherClass {
   private Connection connection;
   public OtherClass(Connection connection)
      this.connection = ConnectionManager.getConnection();

public int insertDbMethod(BeanClass abc)


Please advise.

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