Re: In which circumstances a Class.forName() can fail?

Ivo <>
Thu, 4 Jun 2009 05:58:20 -0700 (PDT)
On Jun 4, 2:54 pm, Eric Sosman <esos...@ieee-dot-org.invalid> wrote:

Ivo wrote:

Hello to all,

In which circumstances a Class.forName() can fail, when the String
comes from the STE class ???

(I have been getting ClassNotFoundException, which should never happen
by my knowledge :( )

here is the code snippet:

final String className = stackTraceElement.getClassName();
        Class clazz;
        try {
            clazz = Class.forName(className);
        } catch (final ClassNotFoundException cnfe) {
            // should be totally impossible since any Class=


methods locked in a stack
            // frame cannot be removed from VM.
// throw new IllegalStateException(cnfe);
            return null;

     Class.forName(String) is documented as being equivalent
to Class.forName(String, true, currentLoader), where the final
argument is the current ClassLoader. If the class you are
looking for was loaded by a different ClassLoader, I imagine
that looking for it with the wrong ClassLoader might fail.

Eric Sosman

The STE is straight from a trace obtained from the current Thread, all
of which is still in scope, so not GCed.

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