Re: New applet project

"Andrew Thompson" <>
8 Feb 2007 05:24:43 -0800
On Feb 8, 10:39 pm, Daniel Moyne <> wrote:

Andrew Thompson wrote:

On Feb 6, 10:51 pm, Daniel Moyne <> wrote:

Andrew Thompson wrote:


.. A web start application (or applet)
cna be launched from a web page.




I could not get the first example "BasicService" working

OK - two things.
1) Please do not send me email. Not the 'quote'
2) ..

help from you ..


In your package you have a "build.xml" file. To use this file I build the
following file :
$JAVA_HOME/bin/java -cp $JAVA_HOME/lib/tools.jar $1
at the same livel of "build.xml" file
I cd in BasicService to start I run :
./ clean
and I collect "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError" !

I think I need more in my main command line, a wider cp definition or maybe
a reference to ant ?

...2) This is the wrong thread*, the wrong guy**, and
possibly the wrong forum***, to be asking about how
to work 'ant'.

* Titled for somerthing that is not about ant.
Most people ignore applet problems, and
leave them to the few people who feel they
know or care enough to comment (like me).
** I could barely get ant working myself,
on the simplest system to get it working,
*** This forum, strictly speaking, as about
'Java' rather than any specific tools that
will help work with Java ( though I am the
main one saying that - so you are probably
safe there ;).

To get a working ant install, you might download
and install one of the 'chunkier' IDE's, like Eclipse
or Netbeans - both of which support ant scripts
basically 'out of the box'. I recommend you *not*
do that, but instead pursue figuring how to run it
from the command line, like you are.

On that note, *my* ant scripts are not intended
as 'hello world' style examples of ant, and I suggest
you abandond my build script until you can see ant
working with *any* other ant script, just to ensure
you have a functioning install of ant. (We can
deal with problems in my build scripts, separately)

So to sum up, I recommend you..
Start a new thread titled domething like
'Run Ant on Linux - NoClassDefFoundError'
(Linux is what you're using?)
Use only scripts that are intended to act as
*examples* of using ant, for your first tests.

BTW - I am guessing the launchable examples
worked for you - straight off the net?
(Some people prefer not to click such links,
and if that is the case - it is helpful for me
to know).

Andrew T.

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