Re: Creating A Copy

Lew <>
Wed, 02 May 2007 13:54:19 -0400
Jason Cavett wrote:

(As for the magic bullet - serialization actually works great. The
only problem is, one of the objects in one class is not Serializable
and it's not my class, so I can't change that. Sooo...that was end of

You can still serialize the object.

Let us say you have a class Foo with a member Baz that you don't control.

public class Foo
   transient private Baz baz;

Making the Baz element transient simply means you have to manually serialize
and deserialize the Baz object. The fact that Baz is not Serializable is
moot; no one is using Baz to try. That could be complicated if Baz is a
collection itself, but let's assume it's some sort of fairly uncomplicated
class with serializable attributes.

explains to use

  private void writeObject( out)
      throws IOException;

  private void readObject( in)
      throws IOException, ClassNotFoundException;

You write these methods to [de]serialize the well-known parts of Baz (untried,

  private void writeObject( out)
      throws IOException
   out.writeObject( baz.getIntegerValue() );
   out.writeObject( baz.getStringValue() );

  private void readObject( in)
      throws IOException, ClassNotFoundException
   baz.setIntegerValue( (Integer) in.readObject() );
   baz.setStringValue( (String) in.readObject() );

Then it matters not that Baz is not Serializable.


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