Help retrieving Text data in different namespace from RSS XML file using JDOM

Meske Moday <>
Mon, 23 Oct 2006 00:24:29 -0700
Any help would be appreciated. I am attempting to read an RSS file
which contains data on the latest earthquakes occurring around the
world. The RSS URL is:

I am using JDOM to read and parse the RSS file, using the following code:

01: package quakes;
03: import org.jdom.Document;
04: import org.jdom.Element;
05: import org.jdom.JDOMException;
06: import org.jdom.Namespace;
07: import org.jdom.input.SAXBuilder;
08: import;
09: import java.util.List;
11: public class Quakes {
13: private static final String rssURL =

    public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException, JDOMException {
17: SAXBuilder builder = new SAXBuilder();
18: Document doc =;
19: Namespace geo =
20: Element root = doc.getRootElement();
21: List events = root.getChild("channel").getChildren("item");
22: for (Object event : events) {
23: Element eventElement = (Element) event;
24: String pubDate = eventElement.getChildText("pubDate");
25: String title = eventElement.getChildText("title");
26: String description = eventElement.getChildText("description");
27: String link = eventElement.getChildText("link");
29: // >>>> the problem is with the following two lines... <<<<
30: String latitude = eventElement.getChildText("lat", geo);
31: String longitude = eventElement.getChildText("long", geo);
33: System.out.println("LAT: " + latitude + ", LONG: " +
longitude); // for testing only
34: List subjects = eventElement.getChildren("subject");
35: } // for
36: } // end main
37: } // class Quakes

You will probably need to view the raw RSS file (as XML) for this to
make sense...

The problem is that two of the xml fields, geo:lat and and geo:long,
are in a different namespace than the rest of the document. I have
attempted to rectify this by retrieving the namespace on line 19, and
then specifying it in lines 30-31. However, when I try to assign a
String the Text data in geo:lat and geo:long, I get a null.

This is just a stub of a program until I figure out how to read in the
XML file. Ultimately, this information will be assigned to an Event
class, and stored in an ArrayList for further manipulation. Yes, I
know I am creating new variables with each iteration of the for loop :)
 I'm just too lazy to split it out at this point in time.

Thanks in advance, for any guidance or suggestions on this. I'm at
wits end, having already played with SAX, DOM, and JAXB, each
experiment consuming a full day.


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