Re: Test yourself now! (in idle banter)

Daniele Futtorovic <>
Wed, 27 Aug 2008 16:12:45 +0200
On 27/08/2008 15:15, Leihcim allegedly wrote:

       /*+*/ public ///**********
      /*++*/ class Bomb extends//*-*
    Throwable{public Bomb(){explode//*-_
   ();}public Bomb(String curse){ explode
  ();}private void explode(){for(int $=0; $
  catch (InterruptedException bombSquad){//
  System.out.println("Defused! Nooooooo!");
    System.exit(666);}}class Bomber{//123
     public static void main(String[]//4
      args) throws Bomb{new Bomb();}}//

Found this one on a t-shirt once....

Oh dear... considering how the intelligence level of security grunts and
pigs altogether makes you wonder whether there is such a thing as an
absolute zero, I'd be careful not to stroll into an airport with such a
shirt. You might get charged with cyberterrorism -- that the T-shirt
contains a virus which makes, uh... some device explode.

.... *thinks* ...

Hmm, maybe I should buy my boss one.


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