Can't send Sysex MIDI Messages from Java

Ross <>
Mon, 15 Nov 2010 10:06:51 -0800 (PST)
Can anyone please tell me what I'm doing wrong here. I'm trying to
send Sysex from Java. But, whatever I try, no Sysex gets sent.

I've written a small test application. This sends ShortMessage's
easily. I can create ShortMessage's for note-ons and note-offs, and
send them. I've been sending them to MaxMSP running on my Mac, and
also to an external sound module (Yamaha TX7). I see the data arrive
in MaxMSP, and hear the note ons and offs play on the TX.

I can use a MIDI librarian to send Sysex data to Max/MSP and to the
TX, and it all works fine.

But, my Java program won't show any sign of sending Sysex. Nothing at
all, not a single byte, arrives at MaxMSP, and there is no indication
of any data being received by the TX. As you'll see in the code, I've
been trying two different MIDI devices in addition to Max/MSP. Both
send the note on and note offs through fine, but no sysex. But an
external Sysex librarian program sends sysex through these devices
fine, and the Yamaha TX is receiving it fine. Hence, I'm fairly sure
that Java just isn't sending any Sysex.

Here's my program, I've gone through the documentation, tutorials, and
sample programs for this over and over again, and I just can't see any
faults. Can anyone help?

Thanks in anticipation,

import javax.sound.midi.*;

public class TestMIDI
  private Receiver myReceiver;

  public TestMIDI( Receiver r )
    myReceiver = r;

  public void playNote() throws Exception
      ShortMessage noteOn = new ShortMessage();
      noteOn.setMessage( (0x9<<4) | 0, 60, 64 );

      ShortMessage noteOff = new ShortMessage();
      noteOff.setMessage( (0x9<<4) | 0, 60, 0 );

      if ( myReceiver != null )
        try { Thread.sleep( 1000 ); } catch( Exception e ) {}
    System.out.println( "Sending " );
        myReceiver.send( noteOn, 0 ); // not using timestamp

        try { Thread.sleep( 1000 ); } catch( Exception e ) {}

    System.out.println( "And off" );
        myReceiver.send( noteOff, 0 ); // not using timestamp

        try { Thread.sleep( 1000 ); } catch( Exception e ) {}

  public void sendSysex() throws Exception
    byte data[] =
      (byte) 0xF0, (byte) 0x43, (byte) 0x10, (byte) 0x01, (byte)
      (byte) 0x58, (byte) 0xF7

    SysexMessage sm = new SysexMessage();
    sm.setMessage( data, data.length );

    System.out.println( "Sysex message" );
    myReceiver.send( sm, 0 );
    try { Thread.sleep( 5000 ); } catch( Exception e ) {}
    System.out.println( "Sent the message" );

  public static void main( String args[] ) throws Exception
    Receiver r = null;

    MidiDevice.Info[] devs = MidiSystem.getMidiDeviceInfo();

    MidiDevice storeDevice = null;

    for ( int index = 0; index < devs.length; index++ )
      System.out.println( devs[index].getName() );

      if ( storeDevice == null &&
       devs[index].getName().startsWith( "to MaxMSP" ))
       //devs[index].getName().startsWith( "USB" ))
       //devs[index].getName().startsWith( "FastTrack" ))
  System.out.println( "Potential device" );

        MidiDevice theDevice =
MidiSystem.getMidiDevice( devs[index] );;

      r = theDevice.getReceiver();
      System.out.println( "I got a receiver " + r );
      storeDevice = theDevice;
    catch( Exception e )
      System.out.println( "I couldn't get a receiver" );

    if ( storeDevice != null )
      TestMIDI tm = new TestMIDI( r );





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