Re: Question about Full screen exclusive mode

"Oliver Wong" <>
Tue, 5 Dec 2006 13:29:32 -0500
"Soren" <> wrote in message

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OK I prepared such a version.
- 66 lines
- 73 lines

Hope it will work :)

    Yup, I clearly see the problem now. It looks like the issue is that
depending on what resolutions you choose, you may enter full screen in
"Exclusive Mode", or in "Simulated Mode", and you can't seem to really
control which one you get, except by varying the resolution. For example,
when I changed your program to resolutions which my LCD preferred:

Test.Run(1600, 900, 32, 70);
Test.Run(1680, 1050, 32, 70);

    The *first* screen appeared in the top left corner in simulated mode,
while the latter screen appeared in exclusive mode, so it has nothing to do
with "remembering settings", or anything like that.

    Consider enumerating over all available resolutions (perhaps via
GraphicsDevice.getDisplayModes()) and letting the end user decide which one
they prefer, or use GraphicsDevice.getBestConfiguration().

    Note that if a user has two or more screens (which is the case for me,
for example), then there are multiple GraphicsDevice that you'll have to
enumerate over as well, to upon decide which screen the full screen game
will appear.

    - Oliver

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