Re: JavaFX , what its mean ???

"Andrew Thompson" <u32984@uwe>
Thu, 10 May 2007 11:31:06 GMT
Eisa Ayed wrote:

JavaFX ..


..what its really mean ??

I'd never heard of it till just now.
(Note also that one question mark is enough.)

.., sun announce it at JavaOne ,

Google leads me here,..
..which is not very clear to me, but suggests a
replacement for JMF - for handling audio and
video content? However that page also links to..

its scripting language , what Sun want to say , go out for AJAX or
replace our old Applets with fantastic Script language, or replace
Micromedia Flash ?

Which suggests it is a quicker way to write Swing
GUI's and doing data binding (something sorely
lacking in the J2SE).

Typical of Sun to spout such drivel on the first page I
found, that their new GUI scripting library could be
mistaken for a media presentation plug-in.

..even if its focus in Mobile trend , ..

Rich client (Swing and similar) GUI's transportable
between phones, and other devices, up to desktop

..its too late ,

I'd have to agree.

Given 90%+ of Java development is server side, with
either thin client (Servlet/JSP/HTML) GUI's or the same,
jazzed up with the RIA mentioned below - AJAX and such,
I would say that *nothing* Sun does in rich client API's will
raise a lot of interest in the developer community - even if
it gives all it promises (and I am still not sure what that is -
the proof would be in the use).

..also for RIA ...

Huhh? Oh..
"Rich Internet applications (RIA) are Web applications
that have the features and functionality of traditional
desktop applications. RIAs .." (Wikipedia)

No, I dont think it is aimed at the HTML bound
interface, even those improved with AJAX, but
could be used in an applet (with rich client -
Swing GUI).

...its too late after GWT & YUI ..

Same there - both JS/HTML based (& the second
of which I had to look up as 'Yahoo! UI Library (YUI)').

Andrew Thompson

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