Re: Can Java be used to write an operating system

Daniel Pitts <>
Thu, 05 Jun 2008 19:37:56 -0700
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I am new to Java programming language. Previously I have been
using assembly and C language for lower level programming.

I would like to enquire from the experts here whether Java can
be used to program lower level applications like device drivers or
a new operating system for that matter?

In general, I would also like to ask whether object oriented
programming can be used for such purposes i.e. lower level
programming? If so, can you please cite any references and

Thanks in advance for any help.


Object Oriented Programming can be used almost anywhere, it really
depends on the abstraction used at the hardware layer. Java
specifically is somewhat ill-suited to do a complete end-to-end OS, but
with a little bit of bootstrapping(a C++ JVM implementation and a
micro-kernel implemented in any language, probably assembly), you could
create the rest of the platform around Java. Although, this is true for
even C, you need some sort of "assembly" bootstrap, or a compiler
specifically designed to create the bootstrap code from c source.

As far as drivers go, they usually involve reading from or writing to
device memory and port buses. I personally would probably start a Java
os project by abstracting *that* functionality into a class with native
method calls.
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