Re: o/t: Derbyshire_trolling/spamming and solutions.

Lew <>
Fri, 17 Jul 2009 07:33:25 -0700 (PDT)
l=F6rs quoted Lew Bloch's copyrighted work:

You ever write a note to someone you were afraid would take
your words amiss?
Count the =93flare points=94 in your message=96places that sparkle
with emotion to highlight sensitive remarks and actually
cause the reaction you seek to avoid.

A troll typically begins and ends with a question. Usually a

So does someone trying to ask a question.

Lew wrote:

This was not a troll post.

l=F6rs wrote:

Readers will draw their own conclusions.

Indeed they will.

Lew wrote:

I really want the answers,

l=F6rs wrote:

Denied, you did not read "protect".

In other words, you come in here without real identity, claiming
special medical knowledge about Paul Derbyshire, without any proof of
your /bona fides/ and no evidence that your medical assertion has any
expertise behind it, averring that you are revealing said private
medical information, supposedly under the aegis of "protecting" the
victim of your unfounded allegations. We who read this thread don't
know who you are, how or if you came by the information you claim.
You got rude and personal when I asked for substantiation.

Lew wrote:

Another sign of trollishness is to attack the poster rather than respond=


the questions or points raised. I note that your response was entirel=

y /ad

hominem/ and entirely avoided the questions I askes.

* None of your responses--so far-- have addressed
the general thrust of the OP.

Of course they have. You claim medical knowledge of an individual.
All I did was ask on what factual, expert basis you assert that
knowledge. Before I believe potentially calumnious information about
someone that comes from an anonymous stranger, I ask the perfectly
reasonable questions about the veracity and authenticity of that
information. It doesn't get any more relevant than that, bub.

OTOH, your responses

*Truth is immune from any claim of ad hominem

No, truth is immune from any claim of libel. /Ad hominem/ simply
means that you attacked the poster in lieu of answering the points.
Your posts have been clearly and unequivocally /ad hominem/. The fact
that they didn't contain any truth is beside the point.

From Wikipedia:

An ad hominem argument, also known as argumentum ad hominem
(Latin: "argument to the man", "argument against the man") consists of
replying to an argument or factual claim by attacking or appealing to
a characteristic or belief of the person making the argument or claim,
rather than by addressing the substance of the argument or producing
evidence against the claim.

Your responses to my questions unequivocally attacked or appealed to
supposed characteristics of the poster, and just as unequivocally did
not address the substance of my questions. It doesn't get any more /
ad hominem/ than that, bub.

You still have not provided any evidence that your claim that Paul
Derbyshire has "a subtle form of autism" was based on a medical
evaluation by a competent medical practitioner, or that you have
permission to reveal confidential medical information if so. Why
should anyone believe you?

This thread is and will be about helping PGD to help
himself, thereby enriching group participation.

If that were true, wouldn't you be willing to prove that you're
actually out to protect him, and not simply to spread lies about him?

Paul is reading this thread, your irreverency [sic] is not

Really? "Irreverency"? And why should we believe that Paul is
reading this thread? Given his propensity to protect his reputation,
I should think he would have jumped in by now and defended himself
against your specious claims of medical knowledge about him rather
than depending on me to defend him from unsubstantiated violations of
his privacy.

Do take your amateur trolling and stick it in the same
slot as your claim to copyright.

Let's see, I wrote what you quoted, and published it with a copyright
notice, which under U.S. law (which governs in this case) makes the
claim valid. So by analogy, you are suggesting that what I've said in
this thread is also valid.

vaya con el diablo

My, my, aren't you building credibility with everything you post?

Given your absolute unwillingness to substantiate that you know
anything at all about Mr. Derbyshire, much less that you are privy to
his confidential medical history, I have to conclude that you know
nothing, that you have no standing, and that you are a troll. If some
anonymous poster were to aver medical information about me in a public
forum like this, true or not, I would weigh in personally to refute
false information, or at least undercut the anonymous one's ridiculous
claim to knowledge, and to call them to account for discussing my
medical history inappropriately.

Every time you resort to such crude and insulting verbiage as "stick
it", you reveal which posts are trolling. If you really had something
valid to say, you'd address the points themselves and not the one
making them.

As for my opinion of Mr. Derbyshire, while I find some of his
rhetorical devices to be annoying, I find him quite knowledgeable
about software development generally and Java in particular, and I
believe that he sincerely tries to express his conclusions and
professional judgments in these areas.

As you say, those who read this thread will draw their own
conclusions. Mine are that you know nothing about Paul Derbyshire,
and under the guise of trying to help him you are actually attempting
to hurt his reputation.


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