Patricia Shanahan <>
Fri, 16 Mar 2007 22:34:05 -0700
<etfukd$2cmm$> wrote:

1st off. ur prima donna attitude sucks. this is still the internet. a
that was designed WITH shorthand in mind. trust me, u will be hard
to compete proper english grammer with me.


I don't usually get involved in the grammar fights - I just don't
respond to postings that seem to me to be unnecessarily unreadable.

However, this quote contains two factual statements that I don't agree with:

1. This forum is, a USENET newsgroup. When I
started using USENET it was based on UUCP. The Internet is just a
convenient means of communicating with a server and for servers to
exchange articles, not essential to a distributed newsgroup system.

2. Can you supply some evidence for the proposition that the Internet
was "designed WITH shorthand in mind."? The Internet protocols seem
to me to be completely neutral about grammar and spelling in the text
content of packets.

I've only noticed a high level of use of your style of shorthand in
the last few years. From both the timing and its nature, I assumed it
was related to the spread of text messaging using devices with crippled
text input, such as cell phones.


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