Re: PHP compared to Java/J2EE

Lew <>
Fri, 16 Nov 2007 10:22:29 -0500
Sanders Kaufman wrote:

And yet - PHP is *constantly* used for large, successful projects - while
Java sites are pretty much limited to pretty pinball games and such.

Nearly every agency in the U.S. Federal government uses Java for their
enterprise servers.

A host of major health-care firms do likewise.

IBM makes a fortune with WebSphere. BEA remains in business despite having
been founded before the 2001 dot-bomb. How's Oracle doing lately?

Sun's change of stock ticker symbol to "JAVA" was immediately followed by a
bump in their stock prioe.

Java remains by recent surveys the most "popular" language in professional
use, slightly up from last year.

This is not necessarily evidence of Java's suitability, let alone superiority,
only that it's widely used, and in quite serious projects that do not involve
"pinball games and such", let alone pretty ones.

Or was that comment simply BS thrown out to inflame?

In fact, Java has many features that make it suitable for enterprise systems.
  Being a strongly-typed, compiled language with runtime performance that
equals or exceeds native-code statically compiled systems (C, C++), the
extremely strong tools support with a broad base of well-funded suppliers
proffering a healthy smorgasbord of choices, a large labor supply of trained
practitioners and inherent support for distributed, heterogeneous programming
make it a match for the kind of complex edifices needed in that market.


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