Re: Swing better than Awt?

Lew <>
Sun, 18 Mar 2007 11:36:41 -0400
jb wrote:


Hi !Swing better than Awt?How do you think?

Better for what purpose?

Xiaochuan Fang:

AWT is too simple, while SWing is too slow.

AWT is not simple, but featureless. It might get complicated when you
try to customize it a lot.

I use swing just for esthetic pleasure of using so well planned
library, and because it is very easy to learn, to use, and to
customize. But my apps aren't commercial, and my users (well there's
only few :)) don't need very opiimized things.

SWT is not standard enough for me.

Swing is only slow if your Swing app is poorly designed. Admittedly, it's
tricky to get right because of the rules about the EDT, and the Motif/OpenLook
style of coding takes some getting used to, and of course, it really helps if
you are comfortable with Java listener idioms, but if programming was easy
we'd be out of work.

I don't know that anyone is too impressed with Java user-interface libraries,
but Swing definitely can get the job done.

Swing does not depend on the platform to implement its behaviors the way that
AWT does. Most of Swing's behaviors are pure Java.

-- Lew

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