Re: SSCCE of my graphical interface with memory leak

Lew <>
Mon, 22 Oct 2007 11:14:18 -0400
Sal wrote:


Don't use these calls.

Don't use TABs in Usenet posts.

double impVmin =0;


JLabel labelVmin = null;

No need to initialize instance variables to zero or null; that's what happens

String data_med_h = "";

It is often better to leave String instance variables at null rather than
initialize them to a throwaway value.

double Vmin = 30;
double Vmax= 10030;
double Smax =10030;

If these magic numbers are significant, you should make them static final
variables, i.e., compile-time constants (and therefore use all upper-case
variable names for them).

You also should use double literals to initialize double variables.

catch(Exception e) {}

Do not ignore exceptions. Log'em and handle'em.


Why did you do this more than once?

You have done everything in the constructor. Move all the real work out of
the constructor. It is dangerous to perform a whole lot of action inside an
incompletely-constructed object.

Refactor your two windows to be instantiated by separate classes, or at least
by separate methods.

Likewise with the different branches of "if ( ae.getSource()...)" blocks -
they belong in separate methods.

Make sure GUI actions happen on the EDT and that non-GUI actions don't.

See if you can make your SSCCE actually a *short* self-contained compilable



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