Re: Simple script annimation problem usig swing

"Andrew Thompson" <u32984@uwe>
Mon, 24 Dec 2007 02:57:18 GMT
Thomas wrote:

Hi I 'm writing a simple java applet..

GUId projects are more complicated than the equivalent
wiothout a GUI. Appltes are a lot more complicated to develop
and deploy (successfully) than applications.

That is why I say. You are wrong, there is no such thing
as a 'simple java applet'.

.. similar to famous game life, I' m
trying to run it throught browser html script, but the animation does not

Once I wrestled that code into an SSCCE*, I ran it
(in a JOptionPane, rather than a browser) to see a single
row of static squares, and no output besides a bunch
of stuff (numbers) dumped to the System.out.

I suspect the code is blocking the EDT, but as the other
responder alluded, I was not keen to dive back in to the
380+ lines of code to discover where it was.

General tips.
- Put GUIs aside for a while
- Avoid applets for a long, *long* time.
- When posting code, post an SSCCE, rather than 380+ lines
of code spread across a number of public classes (by demoting
them to 'default access' I am currently running them from a single

* <>

the html script :

Note also that HTML is a 'mark-up' language, not a scripting

Andrew Thompson

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