Re: Great SWT Program

Owen Jacobson <>
Wed, 2 Jan 2008 03:04:05 -0800 (PST)
On Jan 2, 2:15 am, Andreas Leitgeb <>

Arne Vajh=F8j <> wrote:

I keep forgetting that you are not a programmer.

He may even be, only the troll-role, that he's playing, isn't.

For values of "a programmer" that include competence, I find that a
little less than convincing, considering his past participation both
in this newsgroup:

  <>, wherein Paul
chooses to encode an image as an array literal in a Java file rather
than loading the image from the classpath because he refuses to read
and understand the docs.

  <>, wherein
Paul attempts to defend poor resource allocation practice as being "so
minor it doesn't matter", which is particularly amusing since getting
it right is (as shown elsewhere in the same thread; google is your
friend here) trivial.

  <>, wherein Paul
conflates "normal" (which is debatable) and "correct", and assumes
that something being normal makes it automatically correct: in this
case, fiddling with Swing objects outside the EDT.

as well as his behaviour outside this group:

  <>, wherein Paul
(under his real name; this is somewhat old content) excoriates the
Cygwin gdb maintainer for making Cygwin unusable for people with
spaces in their (Windows) usernames. Not surprisingly, this isn't
actually true either, and wasn't at the time.

  <>, wherein Paul
makes some really entertaining suggestions to the EGCS (GCC)
developers. This is even older content, but it's consistent with the
more recent examples above.

In fact, the only place I can find that he's shown any aptitude for
the art is in the old sci.fractals FAQ, but all the examples I was
able to turn up were config files for various fractal renderers. I
suspect that the only value in "programming" for him at the time was
in what it allowed him to see in math, which he has shown some talent

While "Twisted is not a programmer" was sort of a toss-off remark in
my summary of why he's a danger to CLJP and why this post is an utter
waste of my time, it's gratifying to see him doing such a thorough job
of proving me right.

If you're reading this, Twisted: just because something is insulting
does not make it false, and pure assertion with no supporting evidence
is not sufficient to show that something is false. In other words,
your boilerplate responses are a complete waste of your time and self-
imposed posting limits. The statement "Twisted is at best an
incompetent programmer" is insulting -- but it's also well supported
by evidence. To negate its impact on your public image, you have to
prove otherwise: you would have to start demonstrating that you can
both write competent programs and absorb surprising information

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