Re: File browser

Daniel Pitts <>
Tue, 05 Feb 2008 17:05:27 -0800
Peter Duniho wrote:

On Tue, 05 Feb 2008 16:16:42 -0800, Peter Duniho
<> wrote:

[...] Given that the rest of the application appears to default to
the system look-and-feel on the Mac, it seems odd that the "metal"
dialog is what shows up with JFileChooser.

Ah, posted too soon. The dialog that shows up by default with the
JFileChooser does share the layout with the "metal" dialog, but it's
otherwise a regular Mac dialog. I did try explicitly setting the
"metal" look-and-feel and on the Mac, that produces yet another result:
a dialog that looks much more like the Windows "metal" dialog, and which
also works correctly.

Unfortunately, the "metal" look is much too much out of place on the
Mac. Even on Windows, it's a bit of a stretch, but it just doesn't work
at all on the Mac. I'm afraid I'm back to sticking with the AWT dialog.


If you don't know what the EDT is, then you are likely doing something
wrong. I suggest looking at the sun tutorial on Swing and threads.

Actually, I *really* recommend is reading Java Concurrency in Practice.
  It really is a must read for most non-trivial Java application developers.

It actually could explain your problems, but it might not. Incorrect
concurrency can cause strange things to happen.

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