Re: Easily implementing a Timer

From: (Stefan Ram)
12 May 2008 11:57:57 GMT
"DaveN" <DaveN@DaveN.COM> writes:

void MainFunction()

  In Java, ?function? usually does not have the implied meaning.

  Class declarations contain /method/ declarations.

if(UserMakesStartSelection == 1)

  The user should not be able to create multiple timers in
  parallel this way. Also, user events often are transported as
  invocations, so often one will not use ?if?, but an event
  handling method.

void TimerFunctionToCall()

  To be able to designate a method as an argument value (as
  above), it needs to be wrapped in some object. There are no
  method references in Java - only object references. And method
  names usually start with a lower-case letter.

All the examples I've seen seem to have these functions all
wrapped together in a class which makes it difficult to
understand and follow. Like I say it's probably my lack of OOP
but if anyone can help to clear the muddy waters I would
appreciate it.

  You do not need to learn OOP (as in Smalltalk), it is
  sufficient to learn Java. Possibly, start with the
  fundamentals and then read approach more complicated topics

  1st step: Learn about invocations of operations (methods)
  including argument passing, learn to use standard types
  (primitive types, classes and interfaces including standard
  methods), learn to read JavaDocs, learn the terms. take some
  time for exercises. Take care to learn the difference between
  static and non-static operations (AKA methods).

  2nd step: Learn how to write and use declarations for
  variables, methods, classes, interfaces, and JavaDoc. Do more

  3rd step: Learn fundamentals of Swing (like the EDT and the
  delegation event model) and something about threads. Learn
  some common patterns, like ?Observer?.

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