Re: display a TableModel as a JTable

Mark Space <>
Thu, 03 Jul 2008 16:20:24 -0700
thufir wrote:

I just read a bit of Dietel, it looks like he uses

Also, read the docs. This says:

"Forwards the given notification event to all TableModelListeners that
registered themselves as listeners for this table model. "

So all it does is kick off the listeners, which you have to add yourself

Most Swing methods are not thread-safe either, so check carefully before
calling this method when you are not executing on the EDT. I don't
think fire* methods are on the safe list, although several types of
listener methods are thread-safe, so a careful investigation might
reveal some documentation saying this one is. Otherwise, you have to
assume it's not.


There should be a part of the Java doc where it explains (briefly) the
Swing threading model, and what methods are thread-safe. I don't see it
right now however, so no link, sorry.

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