Re: Restoring Swing applications after minimising

Lew <>
Sun, 24 May 2009 01:06:10 -0400
Qu0ll wrote:

I have asked a similar question a few times over the years and, yes, the
upshot was always that other people didn't experience it or that it
wasn't seen as very worrying when they did.

It's nice to know that someone else is also concerned by this issue but
clearly it is not very prevalent.

Is there even really an issue?

Delays, perceived or real, in un-minimizing a Windows program are highly
dependent on extrinsic factors - what other programs are running? What are
they doing? What is the amount of swap space? How full or fragmented is the
disk? What exactly is the app doing when it's unminimized? If it's a GUI app
such as a Swing app, is it properly written to move long-running tasks off the
EDT? How much memory is on the machine? How much network traffic? Did there
just happen to be a GC run in the JVM at that moment? Are they talking about
a particular Swing app each time? What was the state of mind of the person
claiming a delay? Have they actually measured the time and compared it to
non-Swing or non-Java apps under controlled conditions?

When people say something like, "Swing apps take a long time to get responsive
when they're unmiminized", they never lock down these factors.

Studies have shown that people will often report a program as being faster at,
say, initial startup even if it's actually slower compared to a control.
Factors such as a splash screen can reduce the perceived time even when the
clock time is longer.

The question as phrased by the OP was far too vague and loaded to even begin a
meaningful discussion. There needs to be objective evidence.



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