Re: Swing application architecture question.

Lew <>
Sun, 24 May 2009 12:47:11 -0400
(f/u set to clj.gui)

Mark Space wrote:

I'd consider some queue of Runnables, that every 250 milliseconds you
wake up and drain the queue on the EDT. Bonus points if the EDT task
isn't called unless there's at least one Runnable in the queue.

Lew wrote:

Doesn't the AWT infrastructure do that on its own if you use

Mark Space wrote:

My point was to provide an explicit delay. I don't think invokeLater
does that.

Side note: While researching this I encountered this cautionary article:

Here are three Swing urban legends:
 * Create threads for long tasks from the event dispatch thread.
 * Use SwingUtilities for running tasks on the event dispatch thread.
 * Synchronize methods for synchronization.

The first "legend" section discusses thread priority - it tells us that we
need to reduce priority on background threads spun off the EDT. I had never
heard that before.


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