Re: Coordinating multiple JTextField updates across panels

Daniel Pitts <>
Tue, 16 Jun 2009 15:47:32 -0700
Jarrick Chagma wrote:

I have a large number of text fields in a number of JPanel panels
visible on the screen at the same time and I would like to somehow
coordinate their updating. A button click can trigger an event which
updates every one of the text fields at the same time but there is a
noticeable effect of one field updating after the next one (and not
necessarily in any particular order) which is visually unattractive and
undesirable. I would prefer that the screen as a whole does not update
until all the text field's contents have changed. I can't do
double-buffering in this scenario as the fields are in different panels.

Is there a way to somehow coordinate these updates perhaps by turning
off screen redraw until all fields in all panels have updated?

Yes there is. Do your work on the EDT, instead of another thread.

Alternatively, calculate all the values off thread, and set them all
once on the EDT.

calling JLabel.setText and JTextField.setText will queue up a repaint
request, but that request won't be honored until the EDT is ready to
process more events.

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