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Can you point me to a document?

Sorry, it was too long ago I stumbled on it.

It probably would have been in some documentation on the AWT threads.

It could have been in Frame docs, or a discussion about how to launch
a GUI app.

It is a fuzzy memory. The gist of it was they seemed to be treating
AWT more and more like Swing, probably because of rarely occurring
thread problems. I recall thinking -- AWT is probably too complicated
to find and nail down all these bugs, so they are now just
recommending more conservative use of it.

There was an odd sentence of the form, AWT will probably work fine
without these precautions, but if you have trouble here is what to do.
I got the impression, simple apps were safe, but complicated ones were
note, where simple/complicated was to be determined by experiment.

The stuff I have done in AWT is I think all single thread. All my
multi-thread stuff is Swing using invokeLater.

Here's a short bibliography; top-level entries link to subheads:


This page has a demo that does not do GUI creation on the EDT.


Same here.



None of these actually come out and say that you need to use the EDT for
AWT GUIs as you must for Swing. And a couple actually show examples
without using the EDT.

I haven't created any really large AWT projects because Swing is much
prettier, so I've never seen any problems with AWT.


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