Re: Why does JDK 1.6 recommend creating Swing components on the EDT?

Lew <>
Mon, 30 Nov 2009 13:08:30 -0800 (PST)
Peter Duniho wrote:

There may be some specific change that has led to the difference you're
seeing in the documentation (though frankly, I'm not sure this
recommendation really is new to 1.6), but I think it's more likely that
it's just that prior advice was flawed. That it's always been the case
that you can't be assured that just because code is in the constructor
of a Swing component (or even simply code executed before some explicit
realization of the component, such as showing it), it's safe to execute
that code outside of the EDT, and that the current documentation is
simply fixing that oversight in past documentation.

That's exactly what Sun tells us - that they were mistaken when they
thought you could construct GUI components off the EDT. The advice to
put all GUI action on the EDT both prior to and after realization is
retroactive to all versions of Swing.

For the current wisdom, here are a couple of links:
which contains an informative link to



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