Re: Imitating a JFrame extended program with JPanel; help needed...

Lew <>
Wed, 17 Feb 2010 01:57:05 -0500
Arshad wrote:

Please use conventional indentation to keep your code readable.

Please attribute when you're quoting.

is that mean, i should delete all the tabs indents infront of the

For Usenet, yes - TAB characters get rendered very wide and newsreaders tend
to break and wrap lines with relatively narrow margins. This makes source
listings on Usenet very hard to read and decipher when TAB characters indent
lines. Particularly when you're asking for help, you don't want to make your
code examples hard to read.

(i left it as it was in netbeans ide, bcz [!?] i heard from some one that
using tabs is a good programming practice :confused:)

Be careful whom you listen to. There's a lot of bad advice out there.

Nearly every programming project I have been on standardized on spaces, not
TAB characters for indentation. You can control indentation precisely with
spaces. Not so with TABs - you're at the mercy of different settings for TAB
rendition in different editors and different workstations. Plus, TABs tend to
render far too wide by default.

As for leaving it the way it was in NetBeans, that is a circular argument.
Since you chose how it was in NetBeans, you are effectively saying you chose
to leave it as you chose to leave it.

You continue to perform GUI operations not on the EDT. This is dangerous and
will lead to weird bugs. Several folks have mentioned this to you.

actually i didnt understand what an EDT is.
i will do some searching/reading about this and will try to stick to

EDT is the Event Dispatch Thread. Read the Swing tutorial on
Java is a multi-threaded language - you have the power and the responsibility
to coordinate threads. Graphics instructions need to occur on a single
singular thread called the "EDT" in order for things to coordinate properly.
This is introduced in the Swing tutorial on If you don't use
the EDT properly you'll get weird bugs, as with all threading mistakes.

The word "I" in English is capitalized. Proper nouns are capitalized.
Trademark names have particular and often non-standard capitalization. "bcz"
is not an English word. Typing is not heavy lifting.

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