Re: Design issue in swing application

Daniel Pitts <>
Wed, 17 Feb 2010 17:06:16 -0800
On 2/17/2010 1:39 PM, Lew wrote:

markspace wrote:

Regardless of the this-escape, I think actionListeners (or their
equivalents) should be created and installed on the EDT, to prevent
them from firing asynchronously before the rest of the GUI is built.

Yes, absolutely.

A proper Controller will not define the listeners per se, but pick up
the result (what I called a "Request" in my mini-example upthread) from
a view component (such as Strut's 'ActionForm') method call. For a Swing
view, that view component will handle the inter-thread communication so
that any listeners will live on the EDT but the view component will
return a request to the controller off the EDT.

If the controller is aware of Swing, it's not proper separation between
the view and the controller.

I think you've topsy-turvied your concepts here. Controllers know the
details of what it is controlling. In a pure design:

   The Controller would know whether to put something on the EDT or not.
   The View doesn't know about specific controllers or models.
   The Model doesn't know about sepcific controllers or views.
   The Controller "connects" the view and model to each-other through
generic interfaces.

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