Re: Custom Listeners, yes, but why custom Events?

From: (Stefan Ram)
31 Mar 2010 16:45:50 GMT
Leo Breebaart <> writes:

Am I missing some very obvious advantage to the FooEvent

  Posted events get queued in the time-ordered event queue,
  while e direct call might be out of order.

  When Swing calls a listener, the listener can be sure to
  run in the EDT, which is not obvious, when a listener is
  called directly.

  A GUI object usually accepts an arbitrary number of
  listeners for certain kinds of events at run-time and then
  notifies them of the events. This can not be accomplished
  with hard-coded calls of specific methods. The binding is
  more loose with events than with calls.

  Swing might merge certain events in the event queue into
  a single event IIRC, so posted events are not mapped 1:1
  to calls of event listeners.

  Other event processors might possibly be added, such as
  macro recorders / macro replayers. They will only record
  events, but miss direct calls.

  Those were just things that immediatly came into my mind,
  I might have missed others.

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