Re: How to send console progress information to gui

Daniel Pitts <>
Thu, 02 May 2013 12:05:08 -0700
On 5/2/13 11:49 AM, mike wrote:


I am using java to send a commdline arg 'mklabel ?config hello.o REL3'.
The output that I get is a new line for each element a put the label on.
In my application I want to show the user the progress of the command.
Can I create an event that contains the information for each line and send it to a listener? Or is there a better way?



Output from console:
mklabel ?config hello.o REL3
Created label "REL3" on "/usr/hw/" version "/main/1".
  Created label "REL3" on "/usr/hw/src" version "/main/2".
  Created label "REL3" on "/usr/hw/src/hello.c" version "/main/3".
  Created label "REL3" on "/usr/hw/src/hello.h" version "/main/1".

You would start a thread to read the data out of the InputStream (which
you need to do anyway to make a Process work as expected). The thread
reading the data could send an event anywhere. If you are updating a UI
thread, I suggest the following approach: will read from InputStream, and when newline
happens, call "progressUpdated" on a list of Listeners.

Create an abstract EventQueueProgressListener implementation.
progressUpdated in this impl will be final, and will pass a Runnable to
the EventQueue, which then calls a different abstract method
(handleProgressUpdated maybe?). That way, you're thread-safe on the EDT
for UI updates.

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