Re: Code Included: Freeze column

Lew <>
Wed, 5 Jun 2013 17:35:21 -0700 (PDT)
<> wrote:

John B. Matthews wrote:

In article <c4f1b073-9e07-4c7a-b1ee-c41ce897f98c@a8g2000yqp.googlegroup=>, Haircuts Are Important <> wrote: > On Jun 4, 11:04 pm=
, "John B. Matthews" <nos...@nospam.invalid> wrote: > > In article > > <dac=>, > > Hai=
rcuts Are Important <> wrote: > > > > > The capability that I a=
m trying to get is this. I have two tables > > > with the right one being a=
 lot larger than the left one. What I > > > have been attempting to do is s=
croll the right table vertically > > > and have the left table scroll verti=
cally at the same time. > > > > Summarizing some of my earlier suggestions =
on shared models and > > timers, the sscce below illustrates how I would pr=
oceed. I've also > > used the event dispatch thread and shown an alternate =
approach to > > scrolling. > > > > [...] > > This appears to be useful, but=
 I have a few improvements to ask about. > > (1) The table automatically sc=
rolls to one less than the number of > rows in the table. It does not scrol=
l to the last row! > > (2) When resizing the window, how do you get both ta=
bles to show more > rows. The tables show only about 25 rows and never the =
last row. My example starts with 100 rows, numbered 0 .. 99; added rows are=
 numbered 42. I don't recall the numbering used in your examples. Apropos t=
o this, I would reiterate Lew's question about your now deleted examples. A=
s Joerg Meier helpfully observed, they can be retrieved from one's NNTP ser=
ver, but you might clarify your preference. > (3 When I, myself, do begin t=
o add more code to this project where > should I be concerned about excepti=
ons occurring. Will adding "try- > catch" pairs get me around all exception=
s. What exceptions can I > ignore. When should I use a SwingWorker. Without=
 context, the short answers are these: don't swallow exceptions and don't b=
lock the EDT. -- John B. Matthews trashgod at gmail dot com <http://sites.g=>

Thanks for your code
I think I can get the vertical scrolling to work by adding an extra row a=

t the very top of the two tables. I'll then insert data into that empty row=
 and create a new empty row each time after I add the data. So, the automat=
ic vertical scrolling will never show the empty bottom row.

About only showing about 25 rows. I meant to say that the scrolling works=

.. I do see all the rows created, but the project only shows 25 at a time. S=
o, I see 0 through 25, then 1 through 26, then 2 through 27, ..., then n th=
rough n+25. So, I was wondering if it would be possible to be able to see m=
ore than 25 rows at a time apon a resize via a mouse drag.

Aaand ...

He ignores the question again.


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