Re: Which is not allowed in EJB programming ?

Jussi Piitulainen <>
22 Sep 2006 17:30:55 +0300
gk writes:

Only for lazy gits. One can greatly benefit from taking the
cited answers serious. It's about learning how to learn.


I am proving myself that i am honest

here is the paper


I am stuck with this questions.

Danno gave you good advice:

# Type: "Which is not allowed in EJB programming ?" in Google
# and watch the magic fly. Reading the first 2 articles ought
# to give you some well rounded info.

That is not just telling you to use Google, it is telling you
that there actually is something relevant to your question
right there.

Why don't you go and see?

If you are genuine person then i think you wont bargain more
and come to the point.

IF you have the courage to prove yourself honest then prove
it ....otherwise run away.

Hope , i am clear to make you understand that this is not

The real problem is that you have not shown any effort on your

i did not start bargaining but someone misunderstood my
question and started bad remarks EXCEPT one person who is
true gentleman.

unfortunately, i can not test this concept otherwsie i could
test in my system itself. I am practising objective papers
and learning.

every person has dignity , i am not supposed to keep mum if
i see i am subjected to ill-treated with false reasons while
i am clean and desperate to learn.

You should have said that you are desperate! Here, I went to
see what Google had to say, like Danno suggested, and there
was a page about this specific question where anita said the
answer is (a) and (c) but not (b).

Happy now? Memorize the answer: (a) and (c).

There was also a short article about "programming restrictions
on EJB" that confirmed threads and sockets. When you get over
your delusions of desperation, go and see it. Another Google
search told me something about "transient fields"; they don't
seem to appear in that article, so anita may well be right
that they are allowed.

I understand you dont know the answer ...its ok...its not
expected also that one person would know everything.

please i request answers from genuine person....i am not
expecting any answers from fake guys.

Have you seen my other posts ? If not, then read those and
then analyse it whether the questions i post from some
homework or not.

dont make any random statements.

Keep hiding under a cheap nickname. You may well want to
change it some day soon.

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