Re: problem with applet access to web service

Lew <>
Wed, 28 Mar 2007 19:54:39 -0400
ballo0 wrote:

Can You [sic] say exactly what do you mean by signing applet? Applet runs
from web serwer, it is packaged in war [sic], of web application that
contains a website with this applet. Exactly i [sic] have a ejb [sic] deployed,
and it has a webservice, and applet is trying to use it. If you want
here is exact code:

That seems unusual to me, though I'm not an applet expert as, say, Andrew is.
I have not run across any hybrid applet/JEE applications before - what
advantages does that approach hold?

I can think of myriad disadvantages.

Signing an applet means to provide a trust certificate to the user, which they
have to accept before the applet obtains elevated privileges. Without that,
the applet cannot do things like invoke resources outside its home domain.

Is the EJB from outside the applet's home domain?

Would a more conventional approach, like having an HTML form submission
trigger servlet actions such as EJB invocation, suit your purposes? It'd be a
lot simpler to engineer.

-- Lew

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