Re: Thread from Struts Action class/Servlet

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Fri, 22 Aug 2008 15:08:40 GMT
<MPG.f65b292f0de0@> wrote:

  I need to make a design decision on whether it is ideal to create a
thread from my Action class and achieve a task. Let me be specific to
the task:

  I am developing a struts based web application. The web application
will be deployed in JBOSS 4.0.5 container. I am devloping a eCommerce
application. The users who wish to buy using the web site have to
login to the site. The entire user information is maintained in a
database. When user accesses the shopping cart page, I am planning to
spoon a thread from the shopping cart action class to obtain his
shipping and billing information. The thread will read the database
for the user's shipping and billing information and store it in the
user's HttpSession object. When user moves to the next page, I will
read the data from the session and populate the page. There is a huge
amount of data that is displayed on the page. The entire information
is read from the database. To hasten up the process, I am planning to
read the information in background using thread and populate the
session rather than wait till the user visits the next page after
shopping cart.

1) I want to know whether this strategy works
2) Is there any alternative solutions to this design...

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