What to learn for "J2EE"?

ram@zedat.fu-berlin.de (Stefan Ram)
2 Sep 2008 18:16:28 GMT
  Programmers with J2SE knowledge might want to learn J2EE,
  because this often is required.

  However, when one looks into J2EE tutorials, one sees that
  they contain

    - some technologies already known from J2SE,
      like reading or writing XML files, or JDBC,

    - and then a large amount of miscellaneous technologies,
      like EJB or JSP.

  Some parts of J2EE, like Enterprise Java Beans of version 2,
  also might become obsoleted, for example by Enterprise Java
  Beans of version 3, which are said to differ quite much.
  Others recommend not to use EJBs at all, but Spring or
  Hibernate - but Spring or Hibernate does not seem to be part
  of J2EE.

  So, can one set any emphasis? When one wants to start learning
  with a single part of J2EE that is not used in J2SE and is
  not currently seen to become obsoleted, where should one start?

  What are the parts of J2EE one must absolutely know, because
  they are required in nearly every J2EE project?

  And what are the parts that might not be required at all when
  working on a J2EE project, so they still can be learned when
  they are actually used, but do not have to be learned when
  preparing general J2EE skills?

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