Re: JavaSE/EE + Tomcat 6 + Windows service on 64 bit

Lew <>
Sat, 22 May 2010 10:54:34 -0400
Karsten Wutzke wrote:

I set up a new computer with Windows 7 64 bit and I am wondering about
which downloads I need for Java development. I need the following

JavaEE (5)
Tomcat 6

I started by downloading JDK 32 bit, I thought it would be better to
stick with something that isn't that new. But Tomcat 6 32 bit wouldn't
let itself install as a Windows service, because it must be 64 bit
(known problem). Now the question is:

Which software do I need in which version?

JDK in 64 bit?
For Java EE I couldn't find any 64 bit downloads!
Does Ant work with 64 bit Java?
Tomcat 64 bit

The problem is Java EE, there are no 64 bit downloads.

Of course there are. You've already downloaded one of them.

I read about people manually replacing the 32 bit tomcat.exe with a 64
bit version. Is that reliable??

I would bet not.

Should I reinstall 64 bit Java or just go for the Tomcat replacement.

What do you mean here?

(Note, I won't need GBs of Java runtime memspace)

Tomcat *is* Java EE.

Java EE is not a product but a set of specifications with many
implementations. Not all implementations implement all the specifications,
for example, Tomcat does not implement EJBs, message queues and some others.
(They can be added to it, some of them.)

Other Java EE implementations are GlassFish, JBoss, WebSphere Application
Server, Apache Geronimo, BEA WebLogic (now owned by Oracle) - the list goes on.

I prefer not to install Tomcat as a Windows service.

I don't know why you'd prefer to install the 32-bit version of any of these
things on a 64-bit OS. Stick with the 64-bit versions where available.


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