Re: Spring/hibernate and JDBC

Tom Anderson <>
Fri, 22 Jul 2011 17:24:35 +0100
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On Thu, 21 Jul 2011, Arne Vajh?j wrote:

On 7/11/2011 2:25 PM, lewbloch wrote:

I have yet to encounter intelligent use of Spring in a real project.

Eschew Spring.

Spring can be very nice if you only use the original Spring stuff (*).

The problem is if you try to use all the Spring stuff, because a
gazillion relative unrelated stuff got bundled into Spring.

*) Maybe CDI will remove the need for even the original Spring stuff,
  but CDI is still pretty new.

True. EJB3 also took a big step into Spring's space. It is different to
Spring in some large ways and some small ways, but it's pretty widely
supported, and is something to consider.

If CDI had been invented several years ago, the world would be a better
place. I recently got involved with a question about using CDI to
configure a JBoss JMX service:

And it struck me that the wheel of configuring object instances from has
not only been reinvented a tragic number of times, but it's even been
reinvented several times within a single project or platform, like JBoss
or J2EE. Something like CDI (maybe something a bit bigger - i think you
need a uniform way to use files to drive configuration, alongside
autowiring), done well, could have preempted all those inventions, and
saved a huge amount of time and wailing and gnashing of teeth.


What we learn about is not nature itself, but nature exposed to our
methods of questioning. -- Werner Heisenberg

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