Re: Java EE on tomcat?

Lew <>
Wed, 21 Sep 2011 14:26:23 -0700 (PDT)
nroberts wrote:

Lew wrote:

ManagedBean and SessionBean are not the same thing.

Which would be why I was asking the diff.

Here is part of that answer as already given:

JSF is a front-end technology. EJB is a middleware technology. Dif=

ferent layers with different purposes.

That the behaviors are similar is a help to learning them, but do not ma=

ke the mistake of thinking that that makes them the same thing. They are=

Managed beans in JSF are the "Controller" components of the model-view-cont=
roller (MVC) pattern that JSF embodies. They are close to the screens, oft=
en aware of what is in the view and what model components they should orche=
strate. They do not embody deeper logic, if properly designed, rather they=
 forward the high-level requests from the view to deeper-level components t=
o handle the business logic.

Session beans are such deeper-level components, embodying business (and/or =
persistence) logic as part of the "Model" component of the MVC pattern.

See also:

That said, you should avoid EJBs at first anyway. Write web apps for =

a while until you know what you are doing.

I don't have a choice in what to write. If I did I wouldn't be using

So they are mandating that you write EJBs? That was not clear from your ot=
her posts.

If they mandate to write EJBs, it's especially strange that they require a =
platform that doesn't support EJBs, and especially important that you push =
back on that.

Java anyway; I've never been a fan. What I need to do is find out

Java is perfectly fine for the purpose. Don't let your prejudices interfer=
e with your effectiveness.

what technologies do what so that I can figure out what I need to
learn in order to accomplish the task given.

Well, you certainly have gotten a lot of that information from the folks he=

Don't get edgy with us for trying to help you, hm-k? We know you have a lo=
t of stress at work, but we're the folks helping you, so don't take it out =
on us. The advice you're getting here is good, so don't shoot the messenge=
rs. Hm-k?


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