Re: Where to find decent free or cheap Java hosting?

Lew <>
Tue, 20 Mar 2012 10:14:55 -0700 (PDT)
Knute Johnson wrote:

 Lew wrote:

.... [snip] ...

If you aren't familiar with Java EE, here are some good references to
get you started:




Thanks Lew and Arne for the info. This isn't my area of knowledge but I=


was curious what Daniel was looking for.

Extra note:

Tomcat is significantly more lightweight [*] than full-fledged app servers =
like Glassfish, Geronimo or JBoss. It supports servlets and related technol=
ogy (JSP, JSF, Facelets) out of the box, given the right JARs in the classp=
ath. JPA (Java Persistence API) works with Tomcat, as indeed it does with s=
tandalone apps, for all that it's a Java EE specification. (EclipseLink, Ap=
ache OpenJPA and Hibernate are the Big Three for JPA.) For that matter, you=
 can get EJBs in Tomcat by adding Apache OpenEJB.

At some point you might want the full Monty: all the acronyms from CDI to W=
S. That's when you reach for the heavyweight [*] servers. It doesn't hurt t=
hat the full-spec servers like the three mentioned all have dashboards to c=
ontrol everything from server configuration to logging to class loaders to =
database connections to ...

I've found in practice that Tomcat plus JPA and JSF/Facelets does pretty mu=
ch everything you need, unless you want to put httpd in front of Tomcat, wh=
ich is really a good idea. There are use cases for the big guns, but I'm ha=
rd pressed to come up with a compelling one.


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