Re: Return of the Applets?

From: (Stefan Ram)
7 Apr 2015 16:38:59 GMT
Kevin McMurtrie <> writes:

Applets died because their API and packaging is a complete wreck.

  Yet the quite recent Java EE 7 tutorial at Oracle says:
      ?1.3.2 Java EE Components? ... ?
      The Java EE specification defines the following Java EE

      ? Application clients and applets are components that
      run on the client. =======

      ? Java Servlet, JavaServer Faces, and JavaServer Pages
      (JSP) technology components are web components that run
      on the server.
      ? EJB components (enterprise beans) are business
      components that run on the server.?

number and pixel crunching difficult. (Java sucks at arrays of objects
but arrays of primitives work well.)

  Really! Herb Sutter reported how someone just put all his
  objects of the same class into a single array (for 3 key
  classes) and his game ran 50 times faster (compared to
  scattered heap allocation).

  Today, not only do we have cache, but we have prefetchers.

  Oracle could define an annotation for classes that means
  that all objects of this class should reside within a
  single array.

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