Re: convert a zip string to a normal string

"" <>
10 Aug 2006 10:28:49 -0700
Below is my current code:
passed in "zip" is a zipped Base64 encoded string. I guess if the
string is very long(it will be since it is zipped), there will be many
gabage string created in the middle. The solution you suggested seems
doesn't eliminate this. right?

    public static String zipToString(String zip) throws Exception{
        ByteArrayInputStream in = new
        ZipInputStream zipIn = new ZipInputStream(in);

        byte[] buffer = new byte[512];

        int len;
        StringBuffer sb_result = new StringBuffer();

        while ((len = > 0) {
                sb_result.append(new String(buffer,0,len));

        String result = sb_result.toString();
       return result;

Ingo R. Homann wrote:

Hi, wrote:

Can someone suggest me an efficient way to convert a zip string to a
normal string?

We transfer a file via web service. We also zip the file. On the client
side, we want to convert the zipped string to normal string again. What
is the most efficient way?

Ehm, what exactly are you zipping - a File or a String? How do you get
the "content" to be unzipped (byte[], String, InputStream, ...)?

Anyway: Unzipping can be done with
If you really have a String you want to (un-)zip, perhaps might be interesting for you (although
I could imagine you need to think about encodings, because a String is
based on a char[], not on a byte[]).

In accordance to your first question: Note that this might not be the
most "efficient" way, although I think that you do not need to care
about some nanoseconds (for which you could optimise) in your webapp.


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