Re: tools for programming applets

Lew <>
Mon, 23 May 2011 12:08:58 -0400
horos22 wrote:

Look guys,

I see that I caused a bit of a firestorm - which was not my intent -
and I see that people are attributing motives to me that are
completely baseless. (no - I'm not up to anything 'nefarious', no I'm
not trying to hack the pentagon [sic].)

The site in question is not a large-scale, fully-funded site. It
doesn't - and I don't - have the financial means to fully duplicate
the environment just for the sake of doing testing and development.
Frankly, it's a not-for-profit and the work is also not-for-profit.

Furthermore, *no* I'm not talking about changing a production system
'in place' - in fact I'm making my best possible effort *not* to
change the production system.

By keeping things local - in just changes to the client (the applet),

Applets are server-side, not clients.

and not writing back any data to the production system - I'm
guaranteeing that I'm keeping the production system intact.

You mean, other than by trying to circumvent its security.

In fact I'm doing better than that. If I can run tests against *real*
production data, I can make a better guarantee that the applet would
work better than just by regression tests alone.

No one has yet suggested regression tests alone. Where did that come from?

Sheesh. I swear that developers (myself included) have been in this
industry SO LONG that they take for granted the bulky, resource
intensive, extra-life-support-systems-required effort that programming
has become.

Irrelevant comment. We were talking about applets and their security
mechanism. There's no "bulky, resource intensive,
extra-life-support-systems-required effort that programming has become".
There's only your irrational resistance to the facts.

Here's a clue - not everything developed has a requirement of
thousands of transactions per second, page views in the millions, and
teams of hundreds. And not every effort is capitalized in the millions
(or even thousands) of dollars.

What does that have to do with anything?\

To quote you, "Sheesh". Get a grip.

So think small in answering this question, will you? It looks like -
from your responses - that I'll have to cobble something up on my
client to do the work. Or have the site administrator put a special
directive for my IP in the server to handle my testing, such that the
data comes from the server, but the applet comes from localhost.

"Think small"? Are you on drugs? This isn't about scale, this is about
applet security, which BY DESIGN prevents the heinous activity for which
you're asking. This is true small or large.

And having a testbed separate from the production server is not "large",
doesn't mean "millions" or "gaziilions" or any other of that hyperbolic
bullshit you're pooping out.

Sober up, take a deep breath, and approach your problem rationally, son.

And stop with the nefarious purposes line of thought.. ok? It isn't
conducive to reasoned conversation, and frankly it makes otherwise
intelligent people sound like conspiracy nuts.

You kept fighting the truth and asking for a nefarious, security-circumventing
technique even after your question was asked. Maybe if you'd been more
forthcoming initially, and less insulting right now, we'd have less basis to
suspect your motives. The conclusion was entirely rational based on the
evidence you provided. Your attempt to duck responsibility for that doesn't
make anyone else look less intelligent, horos22 (not your real name).

So stop with the blaming us for your behavior, hm-K?

Honi soit qui mal y pense.

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